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Manuals on the use of Gedae

Idea Programming Lanugage

Idea Developers Reference Card [PDF]

2 pages, 227KB || Last Revision: 1-August-2013
A concise summary reference of Idea Programming Language topics to aid in your application development

Idea Language Reference Manual [PDF]

17 pages, 215KB || Last Revision: 14-August-2012
A reference manual detailing the language features of the Idea Programming Language

Programming with Gedae

Functional Interface to Launch Package Programmers Manual [PDF]

10 pages, 189KB || Last Revision: 2-November-2009
A detailed walk through of how to export a function from Gedae which can be called from any C/C++ program

Primitive Programmers Manual [PDF]

78 pages, 704KB || Last Revision: 25-June-2008
A reference manual detailing the the construction of primitives

Primitive Function Reference Manual [PDF]

121 pages, 655KB || Last Revision: 19-August-2013
A list and description of the built in functions available in primitives

Converting MATLAB to Gedae Idea [PDF] NEW!

21 pages, 228KB || Last Revision: 2-October-2013
This document describes how to convert functions and programs written in MATLAB into the Idea Language.

Stream Library Reference [PDF] NEW!

23 pages, 349KB || Last Revision: 5-November-2013
This document describes the kernels found in the Gedae streams library. It also details the locations of kernels in the stream library and provides a convention for users creating their own libraries.

Gedae Development Environment

Compiler Users Manual [PDF]

24 pages, 445KB || Last Revision: 25-June-2008
A reference manual detailing the features of the Gedae Compiler including a descriptino of the Implementation Control Dialogs

Trace Table Users Manual [PDF]

20 pages, 409KB || Last Revision: 14-February-2008
A reference manual including the file format description, setting up data probes, querying nonresponsive processors, event filtering, and other trace features

Board Support Package

E Library Development Kit [PDF]

43 pages, 522KB || Last Revision: 10-March-2010
List of functions in the E_Library with their function prototype and a description, and instructions on how to port the E Library when developing a Gedae BSP