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“Great discoveries and improvements invariably involve the cooperation of many minds." - Alexander Graham Bell

We believe the keystone to successful business is cooperation. To that end we have designed our partner programs to provide reciprocal benefits in a flexible and accessible way. We look forward to building our businesses together.


Gedae, Inc. continually seeks to expand its brand and product name recognition through successful partnering with organizations that complement and enhance our market position, and provide us with access and exposure to a wider IT audience.

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We provide our channel partners with the ability to profit from industry-recognized, best-in-class parallel programming technology. We actively support our partners' efforts with market development, training, materials, pre- and post-sales support, technical assistance, and more.

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Gedae, Inc. believes competition limits improvement to small increments while cooperation creates opportunities for exponential advancements. We support the efforts to identify, define, and derive multi-core-specific industry standards that would create a ubiquitous set of technologies, interfaces and methodologies for multi-core and multiprocessor programming. Such a standard drives the creation of a rich and shared ecosystem of tools and technologies.