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When: TBA, planning a session for late August or early September

Presenter: William I Lundgren

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Gedae: A Radical Departure From Middleware-based Software Development

Gedae is a system for writing, compiling, and maintaining high performance sensor processing software. The core technology is the Gedae compiler which automates much of the complex and tedious work of modern software development. The topic of the webinar is Idea, a new programming language built on top of the Gedae compiler. The language is a unique fusion of concepts from functional, procedural, and modeling languages, brought together to provide both usability at a similar level as Matlab and high performance through enablement of the compiler. Gedae's approach is a radical departure from the norm of middleware-based software development and offers performance benefits that aren't available from other solutions and are hard to implement by hand. Gedae replaces the fixed infrastructure of software layers with infrastructure built by automation that optimizes based on the combination of the application and the target hardware. Gedae is reality proven in the industry on production programs like the CAPTOR Radar for the Eurofighter, and its benefits are helping some contractors change the way they do business by more aggressively building field demonstrators with IR&D budgets and by easily repackaging IP into multiple new products. The webinar introduces the participants to Idea and walks them through building an example sensor processing application on a modern multiprocessor system.

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Webinar Schedule

10:30AM: Gedae Overview Presentation

11:00AM: Hello Galaxy Demonstration and Laboratory

1:30PM: Gedae Process Presentation

3:45PM: MATLAB to IDEA Language Presentation

4:30PM-6:00PM: Open Laboratory and Question Time

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