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We are Family!

Just a few family members who play critical roles at Gedae, Inc.

Amy Lundgren, Controller

Amy, Bill's wife of 37 years is a key member of the Gedae team. Amy's been with Gedae, Inc. since it was founded and in reality since it was a glimmer in Bill and Kerry's eye back in 1988. Through thick and thin she's been a guiding force helping to steer Gedae from a it's fresh faced beginnings to the 13 year old corporation we are now. Amy developed her entrepreneurial and financial expertise through the foundation of our own company in 90's. As the owner operator of Amy Lundgren Small Company Management, LLC Amy worked with a variety of small business throughout the region to manage and grow their small business organically with sound business and financial practices.

Autumn Lundgren, Sales Manager

Jeremy Lundgren, Marketing and Business Development

With Gedae, Inc. since it was founded Jeremy joined Gedae, Inc. directly out of college.

Sue Barnes, Editor-in-Chief & Sales Process Development

Sue, Kerry's counterpoint and soul mate, has worked with Gedae off and on since it's inception contributing significantly to the development of our sales process and acting as our Editor-in-Chief.

Kin Seto, Director of Sales and Marketing

A recent and welcome addition to the Gedae, Inc. team, Kin joined us in 2012. He comes off a long and varied career full of lots of successes. In 1981 Kin started out at a little company called Apple as the Apple IIe OS Product Development Manager before ending his career as Apple's Chief Evangelist. Since leaving Apple Kin has been a consultant lending his considerable expertise to help a variety of business to success.

As a member of Gedae Kin's brought critical expertise about growing from a moderate size business to a force in the global computing market. He's helped us develop and refine our sales and marketing efforts and strengthen our relationships with other members of the computing industry.

Chin Seto, Asia Pacific Sales Lead

Chin is another recent addition and she continues our family tradition. Chin came on to help develop and manage our internationalization efforts in the Asia Pacific Region. She's done a fantastic job and we're pleased to have her as a member of the Gedae Family.


More significant in our mind than the fact that we have family members in many key positions in Gedae is the fact that our customers are family too. When you become a member of the Gedae family you're a member for life and we treat you as such. Your problems are our problems, your successes are our successes and through it all we'll be with you making sure, as all good family's do, that we take of our own. And as the Burmese Proverbs says: "In times of test, family is best."

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